OFA Announces Partnership with Blooming Health

Jun 2, 2022 | Home Safety, Press Release

The Montgomery County Office for Aging is pleased to announce its partnership with Blooming Health, a platform that connects aging service providers with older adults.

Today the Montgomery County OFA shared news of its partnership with aging in place technology service, Blooming Health. As a result of the partnership, different senior services affiliated with the Montgomery County OFA will leverage Blooming Health’s platform to engage Montgomery County older citizens and their families, and help them to maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life throughout their aging journey. Founded in 2020 by Nima Roohi, Ph.D., Kavitha Gnanasambandan, Ph.D., and Naman Gupta, Blooming Health partners with aging service providers (ASPs) to enable healthy aging-in-place for the older adult population. ASPs use Blooming Health’s self-service web application to communicate with their members via one-click broadcasts, wellness check-ins, gamified engagement, interest-based program reminders, and more. Older adults receive these communications through the low-tech channels that they rely on: text messages, voice calls, and email.

Blooming Health offers many languages other than English such as Spanish, Chinese, and Hebrew. Montgomery County OFA is committed to serving older Montgomery County citizens and their families by helping them age in a healthy and independent way in their own homes and communities. With the services provided by Blooming Health, Montgomery County OFA can better engage with older adults so that they may receive information, assistance, health monitoring, and more to stay active mentally and physically.
Blooming Health’s leading remote engagement solution supports community-based aging service providers to proactively and inclusively engage older adults with their services. Community Based Organizations and AAAs that are using Blooming Health’s platform serving thousands of older adults, have seen ~3X increase in service utilization, while saving 2 hours per day for their staff from reduced outreach tasks.

“The Montgomery County Office for Aging is always striving to improve engagement with the older adults and families that we serve. Our partnership with Blooming Health enables our agency to reach many more people on a consistent basis to ensure that these individuals are getting the necessary information to remain safe in their own homes while maintaining their independence, dignity and quality of life.” – David Jordan, Executive Director,

Montgomery County OFA

“Blooming Health is humbled to be trusted by the Montgomery County OFA to support their efforts in making Montgomery County a place to be able to ‘age without limits’. We believe inclusive engagement can amplify the quality support services provided to the older adults and help more people benefit from these services across the county.” – Nima Roohi, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder of Blooming Health.

Montgomery County OFA has started to use Blooming Health’s platform for its Amsterdam and Fort Plain Food Pantry, Senior Transportation Services, Caregiver Program, Expanded In-home Services for the Elderly (EISEP), Home Delivered Meals, and SNAP Education programs.

To learn more about Blooming Health, please visit their website at www.gobloominghealth.com or reach out to them directly at team@gobloominghealth.com.

About Blooming Health

Blooming Health enables aging service providers to improve client engagement with their services by 3X via our easy-to-use engagement solution, while saving 2 hours/day for their staff. 14+ CBOs and AAAs use our solution to engage 12K+ clients at scale in a personalized way across text, voice calls, emails, and in multiple languages. Please check out a 3min product demo video here: https://gobloominghealth.com/demo-video/

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