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Arkell Center Programs during October

Arkell Center Programs for ALL AREA Seniors during OCTOBER are as follows: Monday–Friday: 11:45am the OFA Meals of Montgomery- serves hot meals, $3.00 donation for 60 and older. Call 673-2000 […]

Preventing Life Settlement Fraud in NY

What is a life settlement? A life settlement is a lawful and regulated transaction under New York State law. A “life settlement” can be defined simply as the sale of […]

Home Safety for Older Adults

There are currently 40 million people aged 65 or older in the United States. By 2050, that number will increase to 88 million. Protect America has assembled a short guide […]

Better Nutrition for Senior Citizens

Proper nutrition is extremely important for senior citizens, as many are undernourished and consume far too few calories. Dietician Elisa Zied offers advice on diet options for senior citizens. Healthy Nutrition For Seniors […]

Wii for Senior Citizens

The Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition at the University of Delaware is conducting research on the use of “exergames” — Wii games that require physical exertion as an input to gain […]

Exercise for Seniors

Growing Old With Grace Getting older doesn’t mean that someday you will become completely inactive. No matter what your current age, it is advisable to focus on remaining as energetic […]

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