New York Caregivers Info

Jun 9, 2022 | Caregiving

Are you caring for a family member and unsure of how to deal with challenging behaviors or looking for new ways to connect with your loved one?  Would you like to connect with other people in a similar situation? is a resource that provides education and support to people who are caring for family members with Alzheimer’s, aging issues, and other concerns.  It provides lessons, guidance, and steps to better care for your loved one and assist you in dealing with the challenges that can accompany caregiving.  The website is available 24/7 and you can learn what you want, when you want, and as much as you want, at your own pace.  You can also connect to other caregivers who are dealing with the same issue if you choose to.  All you have to do is log in and create a password, and you can access anything you want in the portal.  It is free of charge and is not an app.