Exercise for Seniors

Feb 18, 2014 | Fitness & Nutrition

Growing Old With Grace

Getting older doesn’t mean that someday you will become completely inactive. No matter what your current age, it is advisable to focus on remaining as energetic and physically fit as possible. This is critical to your personal extended health and wellness. Staying active as you get older, can in many cases, help those that have substantial physical impairments lead more productive and independent lives. In this article, exercise for seniors staying active with aging, I will review some areas to pay particular attention to, and will offer suggestions on how to locate various senior activity groups.

The Four Big Points

Vitality, mobility, stability, and stamina are key aspects of exercise for seniors overall health and fitness that should really be focused on. If, you are not presently exercising, then you are losing ground. This can cost you your overall health, as well your freedom if ignored for too long. Below I will talk about different workouts that seniors can participate in to restore functionality in the above 4 points.

Start With Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise for seniors are certainly beneficial to your heart healthiness. Exercises that concentrate on this point include walking, swimming, water aerobics, cycling riding, hiking, playing golf and more. Besides heart health and wellness, these exercises increase your endurance and enable you to stay up with more youthful family members when doing physical exercises. Just because you are the elder statesman, or woman in the family, does not mean you have to forget about that kid inside that loves to have fun too.

Stay Mobile

Strength training helps to keep you ambulatory much longer by enhancing the conditions of your muscle tissue and bones. Samples of physical exercise for seniors that help this point include things like: minimal weight lifting, yoga, tai chi, stretching routines, and pilates.

Keep It Steady

Stability training helps to prevent falls in seniors and enhance muscle durability. This is crucial to long-term physical health and self-sufficiency. The less active you are, the more hazardous a possible fall would be to your health and mobility. So, be sure to pay particular attention to this point whenever possible. Types of balance and exercise for seniors for this category include: working out with light-weight loads, elastic resistance band stretches, and flexibility exercise routines.

Silver Sneakers

Understandably, all exercise for seniors staying active with aging needs to be done on a regular basis. So, if you need support, sign up for a local class or schedule the time with associates to assist in keeping yourself consistent. In addition make sure to check with your doctor before starting any kind of completely new fitness routine – they will be able to assess your overall health and recommend the best fitness exercises for your situation. For residents in any area of the country, call your local YMCA and ask them for more information about The SilverSneakers® Fitness Program, which is a registered trademark program from YMCA, and encompasses all the areas discussed in this article.

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